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Fujitsu Eternus CS-800

ETERNUS CS800 is a data protection appliance optimized for environments where data are backed-up on disks. It radically reduces the costs of storage capacity and protects data against disasters. Utilizing leading deduplication technology the disk capacity requirements can be reduced by up to 95% enabling large cost savings. Integrated replication functionality copies data automatically on remote sites to protect them against disasters.

The combination of data deduplication with replication reduces the amount of data which has to be transferred over longer distances by a factor up to 20 allowing to integrate local backups into central systems and to save network costs. As an integrated ready-to-use appliance ETERNUS CS800 is by far more easy to use, is more efficient in operations and shows better results in deduplication compared with pure software solutions in combination with standard disk systems. It works together with all commercially available back-up software for an easy integration in existing environments.

Recommended Service: 24 x 7 Fujitsu support for enterprise class services.

Fujitsu Bullet Point High capacity and performance while reducing costs
- Provides maximum disk performance for data protection
- Offers highest scalability from entry up to 240 TB
- Uses data deduplication technology to reduce typical disk usage
Fujitsu Bullet Point Improved and automated disaster recovery protection
- Remote encryted replication with reduced network bandwidth
- Reduced media handling and easy administration
- Integrated Export to Tape Option for long-term-retention
- Optimized integration with Symantec OST and CommVault Simpana
Fujitsu Bullet Point Integration into dynamic infrastructures
- Turnkey solution for easy and economical employment
- Flexible configuration options (NAS/VTL/OST) for seamless
implementation operation

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Fujitsu Eternus CS-800 Download  ETERNUS CS800 S4 Data Sheet