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Fujitsu Eternus CS-800

Managing large computing and storage requirements with limited resources, budgets and space is a challenge. The Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX400 helps to solve it. It is a fully-featured blade system built from the ground up as a user-friendly and versatile IT infrastructure. Up to eight server and storage blades are all packed into a surprisingly small enclosure that is as easy to install and manage as it is to use.

Recommended Service: 24 x 7 Fujitsu support for enterprise class services.

Fujitsu Bullet Point The Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX400 provides an optimum combination of up to eight server or storage blades in a small enclosure that is available as 6U rack- and floorstand-version. Combines server, storage and networking into a single chassis in order to convert it into a small data center and to deploy PRMERGY BX400 into an everyday office environment.
Modular infrastructure to meet office and datacenter environments, designed to share components throughout the family making it easy to create, customize and grow.
Fujitsu Bullet Point Latest Intel® Xeon® processors, scalable memory configurations and flexible dual-channel 10GbE Converged Network Adapter (CNA) to provide a common infrastructure for LAN and SAN with fine-tunable bandwidth for network and/or storage I/O. Ideal suited as complement to x86 server virtualization with additional benefits such as improved manageability, availability, and operational efficiency from shared cable infrastructures or virtual input/output (I/O).
Its smart design makes the PRIMERGY BX400 more flexible than other server solutions, offering easy scalability to protect your investments.
Fujitsu Bullet Point With ServerView you manage your servers and enclosures locally and remotely and take complete control regardless of the state of the server operating system. Additional software components to simplify the management of PRIMERGY servers in LAN and SAN environments while providing highest flexibility for deployment and operation.
Simplified lifecycle management cuts server administration time by up to 60 percent, saving you even more effort and money.
Fujitsu Bullet Point Thanks to its highly efficient components, advanced cooling technology, and potent power management tools, the Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX400 also reduces cooling and air conditioning costs.
More efficient use of power and cooling to save energy costs as never before.

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