Fujitsu S3 DX From £8,995*
unified storage for
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  Enterprise-Class Storage Solutions  
Fujitsu’s powerful S3 storage systems have been selected by numerous public sector organisations who demand powerful enterprise performance at a price that fits shrinking IT budgets – very much akin to the stretched resources within the education sector.

Most IT managers probably think of Fujitsu as high-end, expensive and for Enterprise only, not realizing how active the Fujitsu Eternus storage range is in the sub 10TB space. With design, features and performance that belie the cost, now is the time to experience their performance.

The S3 range is Fujitsu’s first Unified SAN, supporting both block (iSCSI, FC) and file (CIFS, NFS) protocols from a unified controller architecture as opposed to the common approach of bolting together a NAS gateway to a SAN. This system offers huge flexibility in terms of both connectivity and types of disk.

The new Fujitsu storage portfolio exudes over-engineering and all arrays are scalable, reliable and highly available. The amazing new unified DX100 S3 is complemented with a feature-rich software suite and with pricing from only £8,995*.

In the March 2014 edition of Storage Magazine, Fujitsu was ranked number one overall in the Quality Awards user satisfaction survey for enterprise arrays, coming top in three out of five categories:

  •   Product Features
  •   Technical Support
  •   Salesforce competence

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